Package D - Velika Planina (SLO)

In association with Velika Planina resort, we are offering sled sliding. This very popular outdoor activity is available in our daily tours packages. Don’t miss it!

The end of spring is when the cowbells out on the Alpine pastures of the Velika Planina plateau start ringing, announcing the arrival of herdsmen. It’s a magical plateau with one of the largest herdsmen’s settlements in Europe. And you’re invited to learn about the fascinating life on the mountain pasture and sample the dairy goodies they’ll prepare for you. Go for a walk through the meadows or take a hike (or mountain bike) across the plateau.
Velika Planina invites with plenty of opportunities for walks and hikes across the mountain pasture showcasing natural and ethnological curiosities that you won’t want to miss. The fastest way to Velika Planinais by cable car from Kamniška Bistrica. From there, you can take a ski lift to the top, where you’ll be greeted with a magnificent view. Those who prefer a challenge can follow one of the well-marked footpaths to the top. In the winter, there’s a ski slope that will conjure up a true winter fairy tale for you to remember, together with friends and family.

Velika Planina

  • Hotel pickup
  • Duration: 5-6 hours (incl. transfer from Ljubljana)
  • Includes: transfer, sleds, guide, lunch
  • Price: 90 eur / person