Golovec bike tour


Trail riding at Golovec bike tour.

That is usually, how a day at Golovec bike tour looks like. Usually we do six different trails per day, but of course, we always adjust the length and intensity to every individual in the group.

Bike tour was about to start, when the morning was still shrouded in fog when it was under Golovec already feel the impatience of six British riders determined to descent down the forest single trail. But first it was necessary to push the pedals into a steep hill, just a bit over 5 kilometers long. On a quiet morning birds whisper, it was heard only panting from the satisfied visitors, who were sweating hard, to accomplish the ascent . After 20 minutes of climbing, the troop reached the top and had a nice earned rest. Fascinated by the beauty of bushy trees that adorn the Ljubljana’s hill, they forgot the pain in the legs and eagerly awaited the descent.


We dropped down the hill and tried to deal with the jumps, berms, and other obstacles, on the carefully arranged biking trail. There were falls, there were shouts, heard the laughter and joy … But nothing could replace that magical feeling when we reached the finish. In a word, fantastic, were unanimous English tourists.
That was of corse just the first run… We did five more that day, so in the end, there over 1000m of climbing and 30km in total leinght, has been done.


Slovenian lunch followed at a nearby restaurant while enthusiastically planning, where and on which hill to go the next day. Relaxed socializing is shifted deep into the night, when the riders were pleasantly tired went to the hotel and slowly prepare for a night walk through the capital city of Slovenia. But … you know what happens in Ljubljana, stays in Ljubljana.


Let’s start MTB!


MTB winter fun.

MTB holidays starts here. Lets the fun begin. Meet the beauties of Slovenia a bit differently and go ride past the lakes, the sea and through the woods on a bike. For a few days or only hours transform yourself into a mountain biker and enjoy the highlands through the handlebar and pedals.

You dont have the right gear with you? No problem! We got everything you need, to enjoy the mtb trips the most. The latest mtb bikes and apparel is waiting for you. For more details, you can check our outdoor gear rental site and choose the most suitable mtb gear for you.
Also the winter can be a very nice time to ride with us. We choose Slovenian seaside for our mtb tours, during winter, where the temperatures are staying between 5 and 15 deg C. Just about right, so we are not sweating too much.
Mild climate, amazing views and great mtb trails are waiting! Only about 50 minutes drive out from the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

We prepared four different mtb trips, to please our guests, no matter what kind of fitness and technical skills level they are. From easy panoramic cross country mtb rides, to advanced, all mountain and enduro trips, where we are going to visit Slovenian national enduro cup racing corses.

South west of the country is also well known for the local cuisine and wines. The taste of pure native ingredients will satisfy even the most demanding ones.

The pickup place is going to be the hotel, where you are staying. Then, we are going to hit the road towards south-west of the country. After spending a nice day, riding bike, hanging out and eating some tasty food, you will be taken back to your hotel, to have some well deserved rest.