Outdoor Gear Rental

Outdoor gear rental is now available in our company, to fill the wishes of our customers.

By the type of our outdoor gear rental, we can split them into two main categories:

Summer outdoor gear rental:

For our summer outdoor gear rental service, we chose premium bike brand SPECIALIZED, with its new and latest models (year 2017). All our gear is proffessionally maintained by our service crew.


The Vapor 10’10” - 20€

The Vapor 10’10” (330cm) features an all-around, wide-style design ideal for learning, recreational paddling and small wave riding with comfort and stability. Extremely user friendly, the Vapor loves to be ridden or taken on a paddle cruise. 

hardtail MTB - 20€

Simple and efficient. Fitted with front suspension only, they can be used for a vast variety of trails and riding styles. 27,5 and 29-inch wheels, like all of our models has, are providing very efficient rolling over rougher terrain as well as they are super fast on the uphill sections.

full suspension MTB - 35€

They are the most usable partners, when the ground turns “natural”. With 120mm to 160mm of travel front and rear, they has almost no limits. They can manage all types of the terrain, climbs and descents… They are the perfect weapon of every trail rider.

enduro / freeride bike - 50€ 

They are, with 160+ mm of travel front and rear, the perfect weapon for dealing with rougher terrain, bike parks, jumps,… We would recommend it to riders, who has advanced bike riding skills to claim the max out of it.

E-bike -  50€

Smooth and easy… Very fast growing segment of electric bikes, made us thinking to “go with the flow”, so we got some E-bikes to offer for our outdoor gear rental service to. We got E- hardtails, 29er, with 100mm of front travel, to make sure, the user will not sweat too much going up the hill.


Motorbike Tomos Flexer - 35€

Economic, comfortable and equipped with large wheels that guarantee excellent control in all driving elements. There is no doubt – this light and strong moped with oil pump that allows for refueling at all gas stations will bring you care-free enjoyment on your everyday routes.


Safety Gear

  • MTB helmet - 5€
  • Fullface helmet - 10€
  • Knee pads - 5€
  • Elbow pads - 5€

Winter outdoor gear rental:

Since we are operating in winter time too and skiing / snowboarding trips are our main focus in winter time, we needed to upgrade our outdoor gear rental service.

In our winter outdoor gear rental, we are offering:

Skies / snowboards

There are three types of skies and snowboards available. Mens, womens and kids, so anyone can find the most suitable pair for himself. All the skies and snowboards are positioned in middle to upper price range. Skiing sticks are included!


Ski shoes / boots

Need a ski shoes or snowboard boots? No problem! We got plenty of them. Very comfortable ones and in all sizes.