Package E - Bikepark Krvavec

Perched half way up the Kamniško-SavinjskeAlps, 1971 metres above sea level, it teams with life during the winter months as one of the biggest ski resorts in Slovenia. The slopes are picturesque and lined with pine trees, and the beautiful mountain peaks can be seen in every direction, layer upon layer of snow capped crests. This really is a compact and pretty little resort with an Austrian, rather than Eastern European feel and is popular with walkers in the summer as well as skiers in winter. In winter, the main access is via the cable car at the bottom of the mountain; in summer the small winding road becomes clear once the snow has melted, and it is possible to drive up the mountain. Either way, Krvavec is a place that is peaceful and unspoil by the smell of exhaust fumes; all you can see are mountains and meadows, whether they be covered by snow or bedecked in grass and mountain flowers. Visitors will travel to Krvavec in search of the peace of nature and the beauty of the mountains, whether this is to walk, to bike or to ski. It is not a place with a lively night life, but is more suited to the visitor who just wants to escape from the fast pace of everyday life.

Bikepark Krvavec


  • Difficulty: moderate to difficult (all ascents done by cable car)
  • Duration: approx 5 x 6km (about 5 hours)
  • Includes: guiding, rent a bike (enduro / freeride), fullface helmets, protective gear, guests and equipment transport from the meeting point, to the lower cable car station and back, lunch, water or isotonic drink
  • Price: 130 eur / person
  • Further: departure by arrangement